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The most delicious donuts in Tallinn!

If you are tired of the classic cake and want something delicious for your party table, then order donuts with the theme you want from us. Our donutsite selection is very diverse and is constantly expanding. If all the glazes and decorations in the main selection are added together, we could make more than 200 different combinations of donuts.
In addition, there are special orders where we can let the fantasy fly.

About us

The idea was born in the spring of 2015, when one sunny morning I was watching a cartoon of the Simpsons, where there was a big and gorgeous donut cafe. This made one of the island's men wonder why not do the same thing himself. With his own hands and goodness from the heart. At that time, there was exactly such a shortage on the market, and our donuts were received very quickly and very warmly. Today, we have developed our strong place in the market and regular customers who are always present at our events. As our boss says, "Our donuts are the most enjoyable!" :) The difference is actually in the cooking techniques. Shops and petrol stations mostly have deep-frozen donuts, which are thawed on site and lightly overcooked. We make our donuts from start to finish ourselves before sunrise and based on events. This way we can always offer fresh and high quality donuts. The big difference is definitely that our donuts have the richest coverage :)
Why donuts and not a donut? Donuts and donuts are children of the same family. The donut café has been in Nõmme for years. We wanted to do something different and different. Donuts are inherently more playful and we like to play. Our donut kitchen is our second home, so the secret of good donuts lies in good tools, nice music and fierce company :)

Eesti Donuts OÜ

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